What The Health Food Sponsors and Cancer

I like many people out there, have recently watched the documentary film, What The Health.

The film highlights the issues surrounding the traditional modern diet. The meat and animal product based diet, which most people today, particularly those in the western world have adopted.

The movie exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick.

Several nutritional experts are interviewed and their thoughts are alarmingly similar – an animal based diet is not good for your health or the environment and the way that animals are housed and raised is nothing short of torture on a massive scale.

Here is a snippet of What The Health to wet your tastebuds – hopefully for something plant based..


A vegan diet is promoted in the documentary over a meat based diet. It is proven the healthiest way to eat is to cut out meat, fish and dairy. By doing this we will help ourselves to live a longer, healthier life. We are less likely to develop cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many other health related issues.

Some of the facts stated by What The Health are:-

  • Worldwide approx. 350 million people have diabetes
  • 1 out of 3 medicare dollars is spent on people with diabetes
  • In the next 25 years one out of every three americans will have diabetes
  • The World Health Organisation has classified bacon and sausage as carcinogenic to humans

    Processed meat causes cancer – it’s a fact!

  • In the US 1 out of every 4 deaths is caused by cancer
  • Two thirds of adults are either overweight or obese
  • 70% of deaths and morbidity are largely lifestyle related and preventable
  • Most kids by the age of 10 in the US have fatty streaks in their arteries
  • One serving of processed meat per day increases the risk of developing diabetes by 51%
  • Over 17 million people die every year from cardiovascular disease
  • The leading source of sodium in the American diet for adults is chicken
  • The number one dietary source of cholesterol in America is chicken
  • The number one source of saturated fat is dairy
  • 93% of Dioxin exposure comes from eating animals
  • Dairy is linked to many different types of cancer
  • Only 5-10 % of cancer is genetic
  • Dairy can increase the chance of a man getting prostrate cancer by 34%
  • There are at least 450 drugs administered to farm animals

and the list goes on… these are just a few of the facts stated in the movie What the Health. Each fact is substantiated by research and supporting documentation. If only one of the facts above was proven to be 100% true, wouldn’t that be a strong enough reason to take action and change your diet and your way of life? If increasing your chances of survival and reducing your (or your loved one’s) chances of contracting a life threatening or debilitating disease meant moving away from an animal based diet – wouldn’t you do it? If not, why not?

If life is not a strong enough reason to take action – then what is?

If all this wasn’t alarming enough, another fact that the film highlighted was that the organisations we rely on to offer us impartial objective advice on health and nutrition are actually funded and supported by the biggest and most unhealthy food producers in the industry. The biggest culprits of all are pouring money into the charities and organisations that are meant to help and advise us. This being the case, who can we trust to provide us with the correct nutritional and health advice? Who can we trust to offer us impartial, unbiased advice and support about what we should and shouldn’t eat to help maintain our health? Let’s take a look at some of the organisations that are meant to help us and let’s see who is funding and therefore influencing the information they provide to the public.

Below are some well known organisations in the UK and the US and their sponsors..

The British Nutrition Foundationwww.nutrition.org.uk

The Foundation was established in 1967:

  • To undertake, for the public benefit, the education of the public in nutrition and the dissemination of information relating to nutrition.
  • The advancement for the public benefit of the training and education of persons involved in the training or education of others in nutrition.
  • The advancement for the public benefit of the study of, and research into, nutrition.

So who sponsors and therefore influences this organisation:-

The American Cancer Association www.cancer.org

At the American Cancer Society, we’re on a mission to free the world from cancer. Until we do, we’ll be funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. All so you can live longer — and better.


Tyson Foods.  www.tysonfoods.com

Tyson Foods is the world’s second largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork after JBS S.A. and annually exports the largest percentage of beef out of the United States.


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics www.eatrightpro.org

Vision: A world where all people thrive through the transformative power of food and nutrition

Mission: Accelerate improvements in global health and well-being through food and nutrition


The National Dairy Council –  www.nationaldairycouncil.org

The A2 milk Company – www.a2milk.com


The American Society for Nutrition www.nutrition.org

To develop and extend knowledge of nutrition of all species through fundamental, multidisciplinary, and clinical research; facilitate contact among investigators in nutrition, medicine and related fields of interest; support the dissemination and application of nutrition science to improve public health and clinical practice worldwide; promote graduate education and training of physicians in nutrition; provide reliable nutrition information to those who need it, and advocate for nutrition research and its application to development and implementation of policies and practices related to nutrition.


  • Cargill, Inc.
  • Council for Responsible Nutrition
  • Dairy Research Institute

    Infected udders of cows lead to puss in our milk

  • Dupont Nutrition & Health
  • Egg Nutrition Center
  • Kellogg Company
  • Kyowa Hakko U.S.A., Inc.
  • Mars Inc.
  • Monsanto Company
  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
  • Nestle Nutrition, Medical Affairs
  • PepsiCo
  • Tate & Lyle
  • The a2 Milk Company
  • The Coca Cola Company
  • The Dannon Company, Inc.
  • The Sugar Association
 The examples above are just a few selected from a simple internet search. Some of world’s largest meat and dairy producers, junk food manufacturers and GMO producers are funding the very organisations that are meant to be offering you and I, the public, impartial unbiased information that will help us live healthier lives and guard against illness and disease.
The more likely truth is that these sponsors are using the power of money to steer the information that is disseminated, in their favour.
Meat and dairy is promoted as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Meat recipes are posted on their websites encouraging people to eat products known to cause cancer, obesity and diabetes.
Why are these companies allowed to get away with this?

Why is this being allowed to happen?

Why aren’t our governments protecting us against these types of behaviours?
Why do charities and the boards setup to govern them allow their purpose to be eroded by the power of money?
Why aren’t more people shouting this injustice from the rooftops?
Why are we allowing corporates to fool us, brainwash us and control our health?

Why is this being allowed to happen?

Are we so blind that we don’t see how we are being manipulated? Would we even listen if we were told our favourite dish was slowly killing us? Have we been so brainwashed by decades of media advertising that we won’t accept the truth even when it is revealed?
Unfortunately, I think this is the case for many of us. We have been raised to believe that dairy is good for us, that meat provides us with protein, that we need them, that they are good for us. I think it will take decades to undo the global brain washing that has and is still being allowed to happen.
But, it starts with one voice, then another and another. The truth will out and one day we will know, as sure as we now know that tobacco kills us, that meat and dairy kills us too.
Make a difference, make the change, go veggie.

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