People making a difference

Where to begin?! there is so much to say on this one so I’ll start at the point when I began to open my eyes to what was happening “out there” and to take on board my ownership of this planet – something we all have – we all contribute to making it a better or worse place to live.

We all hear comments on the TV, radio, media outlets and print about “Global warming” “greenhouse gas emissions” “the destruction of the rain forest” “climate change” “deforestation” and on it goes. Terms that have almost become like wallpaper. We hear them but we don’t truly ‘listen’ and take on board the facts and the impact this is truly having, the environmental changes that are taking place every second. So long as we are okay living our daily lives, dropping off the kids, going to work, maintaining a happy home… then it doesn’t really matter – does it? I mean it’s not really changing our lives is it? Whats all the fuss about really? Why is eating meat and the environment an issue anyway?

Eating Meat and the Environment


To an extent you may be right – some of these issues may never impact you as they may never become catastrophic in your life time. If you have kids – then sparing a thought for their life on this planet and leaving it in good condition for them and their children may well resonate with you. It should.

I watched a movie called “Unity” a year ago. It had a great impact on me. I decided as I walked out of the cinema and headed for the restaurant – that I could take action and do something or carry on as normal and order that meat dish and think nothing more about it – a mere ripple in my calm ocean of life.

I decided I would not order meat at that meal, and I haven’t ordered it since. It hasn’t been difficult and I didn’t even have many veggie recipes under my sleeve. Since this meat free night I have been drawn to watching documentaries and reading material that provide information on how consuming meat affects the planet and our health – not to speak of the animals health!

Some materials I would like to recommend that started to educate me in the way of the veggie are:-

  • Cowspiracy
  • Vegucation
  • Unity
  • Earthlings
  • Food Matters

These programmes were a real eye opener for me and really put into context the impact that eating meat has on the natural resources of the planet.

Sustainability is a huge issue – the planets resources cannot continue to sustain the increasing demand for meat.

The Fact is that industrial agriculture is the most destructive industry facing the planet today. It is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, habitat destruction and climate change.

As our demand for meat and fast food increases globally the planet is on its knees as we wring every last resource out of it.

Below is a chart courtesy of Cowspiracy summarising perfectly the devastation that eating meat has on our planet.



graphic courtesy of herohealthroom.com


A person who follows a plant based diet produces 50% less CO2, used 1/11th oil, 1/13th water and 1/18th land compared to a meat eater. That’s how significant making this small change actually is. Can you imagine the difference if the majority of the world’s population converted to a plant based diet? The impact would be enormous. The planet would be able to start to repair and replenish itself. We would regain our lands, our oceans would fill back up, our forests and therefore air would replenish, water would become abundant, the climate change would slow down – to list just a few benefits.

Don’t you think – making that small change is worth it?

Make a difference, make the change, go veggie