“Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way”

Peta tagline.

I couldn’t have said it any better and I couldn’t agree more. We don’t OWN all the animals in the animal kingdom anymore than we do other human beings. We have a realisation that we don’t own other humans, it would be insane to even think such a thing! Yet our mind thinks it’s acceptable to believe we can own any animal we choose to. Not only own them, but do whatever we choose to do with them. Torture them, starve them, contaminate them with disease, experiment on them, separate them from their loved ones including their own new born babies and ultimately – to kill them.

All beings have a shared desire to live and enjoy their lives. We all feel the same physical and emotional sensations of pain, grief, joy, pleasure, sadness and happiness. We all have worth and a right to life. We all share the same evolutionary origins, inhabit the same planet and are bound by the same laws of the universe. We are all the same. We are all one.

Animal Cruelty and Factory Farming

Two famous vegetarians who have done a lot for the cause are Paul and Linda McCartney. They famously stated “If slaughter houses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian”. Modern day Factory farming should be renamed “animal cruelty factory farming” Below is a video featuring Paul McCartney explaining the reality that out compulsion to eat meat has on the animal kingdom.


Pretty powerful stuff eh? When you have your next “full English” spare a thought for the lives of the animals that fill your plate.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Dr Martin Luther king.

Can anything in that video be called just or fair? How have we managed to normalise this kind of behaviour and treatment of other animals, that share this planet with us and have as much right to occupy it as we do?

Below is another eye opening video illustrating the abhorrent treatment of animals at the hands of humans.


Are Humans Carnivores?


How can we justify this sort of cruelty to animals simply so we can have meat and dairy products to consume?

Why have we allowed ourselves to normalize this sort of behaviour with justifications such as:-

“Well we need to eat”, “They don’t feel pain the same as we do” “Its nothing new, its what we’ve always done to survive, that’s how the animal kingdom works, dog eat dog”, “It’s been the same since caveman days”.

Allow me to address the argument that “man was made to eat meat”. An insightful paper has been written by Milton Mills M.D. that more than adequately illustrates humans are actually “behavioural omnivores” and are not anatomically suited to a meat based diet. His study was based on more than pure observation but more on anatomical and physiological factors. In conclusion he states..

“We see that human beings have the gastrointestinal tract structure of a “committed” herbivore. Humankind does not show the mixed structural features one expects and finds in anatomical omnivores such as bears and raccoons. Thus, from comparing the gastrointestinal tract of humans to that of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores we must conclude that humankind’s GI tract is designed for a purely plant-food diet.”

We weren’t built to eat the other beings on our planet. This is a learnt behaviour that evolved over time. We were built to eat plant based food. We are meant to live in harmony with the other creatures on this planet and not to massacre and abuse them at every opportunity with the justification of “we need to eat”. There is more choice on the shelves of supermarkets today than there has ever been. We do not “need” to eat any other animal to sustain our own health and provide balanced nutrition. It does NOT need to happen. It needs to STOP.

Make a difference, make the change, go veggie.


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