About Me


Chief Veggie Nerd

Hi and Welcome to Veggie Nerd.

My name is Jane and I set this site up because I feel passionate about the vegetarian cause and all the benefits it can bring to your life and the lives of others.

By choosing to become a vegetarian or vegan you are single handedly helping to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. It is by far the biggest change you can make In your life that will have a positive impact on the planet you live in.

You may think taking such a small action couldn’t possibly have such a huge impact on the environment, but it does and through this website I will explain how.

As if saving our planet wasn’t enough of a reason to become a veggie, there are lots of other benefits too!

How does improving your health and losing weight sound to you?

Does closing the door on Cancer and many other diseases sound appealing?

How about preventing cruelty to animals and allowing them to live as freely as we do?

There are so many reasons to stop eating meat and literally none to support eating it.

I became a veggie in 2010. I had never thought seriously about giving up meat before. I watched a movie called “Unity” one evening while on holiday. I walked out of the cinema stunned. I decided I could either carry on as before or act on my feelings and take action to make change happen. I decided I would take it one day at a time as I wasn’t sure I could do it. I’m glad I did. It hasn’t been hard, if I can do it  – the daughter of a butcher who grew up on meat and two veg at almost every meal then anyone can do it.

Since making the decision to give up meat I have done a lot of research  and found even more reasons to support the decision which I am going to share with you on this site.

Within the last year many close friends and family members have been stricken with cancer. Many celebrities have passed away with cancer. Cancer is hanging over us all like a storm cloud threatening to break. We all know someone who has it. We are all hoping we don’t get it.

For cancer to be spreading through the population with such wild abandon – I can only deduce it has to be coming from a source that we all share. Something as basic as food, water, the environment. It’s not just the disease of the smokers and drinkers of the world – it hits us all – even the most healthy living amongst us.

I am going to present you with the facts as I find them and let you decide.

Let’s get educated on what’s really happening out there. Let’s find out how we can help ourselves and the planet live longer. Let’s  take action!

Go veggie!

Enjoy the facts

Chief veggie nerd – Jane