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So whats veggie nerd all about?
Veggie Nerd is all about saving the planet and you!

Here at Veggie Nerd we are all for saving the planet on which we live and the people and animals who are lucky to enough to live on it. We sincerely believe that the single biggest action any individual can take towards achieving these goals is to go veggie or vegan. The impact that this one action will have on this planet and on the health of the animals and people who live on it is HUGE! You may not believe this to be true - I am going to show you that it is in the pages of this website. I hope you find it informative and educational and I hope I fulfill our mission of 'saving the planet - one veggie at a time'

  • % of green house gas emissions are due to animal agriculture & by products
  • % increase in emissions for agriculture projected by 2050
  • % of amazon destruction is due to animal agriculture
  • % of the earths total land is occupied by livestock


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Jane Stannard

Chief Veggie Nerd


Cancer is taking too many of us - lets educate ourselves on how to stop it in its tracks!

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